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Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Unpresidential President

President Obama is apparently amused by the Tea Party rallies taking place across the nation.  At a fundraiser in Miami he couldn't help himself from a) lying about his implementing tax cuts and b) reverting to his childish, unpresidential nature by casting aspersion on those audacious enough to protest against his 'vision' for the country.  Displaying his inate inability to grasp reality and his utter lack of understanding or contempt for over 60% of American citizens Obama is quoted as saying, offhandedly, "You would think they'd be saying thank you."  This from our 'savior' who's done nothing more than raise the deficit to record levels in less than a year, over 2 trillion dollars, weaken this nation's defenses, bowed to foreign leaders repeatedly and divide this country as no other elected leader in history.  I would ask, thank you for what exactly?