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Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Easier to Believe In God

A study of history and civilization will show that every culture has been convinced that there must be a higher power. Some entity or God, if you will, watching over them. I believe the desire to reach that power to be man’s attempt to reconnect with God. All cultures possess the concept of God in their consciousness, believing he is there. Who put the innate, universal desire to seek out this higher power throughout the ages? God did.

Looking to science, we find order and a pattern to the structure of the human body as well the universe we live in. The astronomer Sir Frederick Hoyle illustrated how the chances of man and the universe evolving through chance are a mathematically impossibility. His analogy; "What are the chances that a tornado might blow through a junkyard containing all the parts of a 747, accidentally assemble them into a plane, and leave it ready for take-off? The possibilities are so small as to be negligible even if a tornado were to blow through enough junkyards to fill the whole universe!" This universe exists in such a set a pattern that no man, when he looks carefully, can deny the hand of God unless he does so willfully.

From our earliest years we possess a sense of right and wrong. Our “conscience” keeps us in a moral and ethical balance unless over-ridden. Without this innate component to the human makeup, the world would break down into chaos. From where does this sense of right and wrong come. I submit, from God. No other religious leader has ever claimed to be the Son of God. Jesus did. He claimed to be God in the flesh. Neither Buddha, Mohammed, or Confucius were able to make this claim nor change the entire world as Jesus did. He backed up his claims through his life, death, and resurrection. The impact of Jesus exists to this day, not only in our spiritual lives, but also by the very idea that the structure and keeping of time has evolved around Jesus’ birth.

As human beings, with few exceptions, we continuously look for a greater meaning, a higher plane of existence. There must be something more. Our brief lives on earth can’t possibly be the sum total of our existence. We have a multitude of theologies, ideologies and beliefs, each seeking to explain the existence and continuation of man. I can easily explain mine. God.