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Monday, April 26, 2010

America Will Soon Be Canada Lite

Ann Coulter never gave her scheduled speech at the University of Ottowa. Matter of fact ,she never showed up as the speaking engagement was canceled by the police. Before Ms. Coulter could set foot on the soil of our neighbor to the north she was accused of crimes not yet committed, threatened with possible criminal prosecution and denounced on the floor of Canadian Parliament.

The provost of the university, Francois A. Houle, informed Ms. Coulter by letter, which he saw fit to widely distribute to various other parties, that she should familiarize herself with Canadian law governing hate speech and the possible criminal ramifications. This being the same provost who welcomed Israel-hater Omar Barghouti (one of the original inventors of hate-speech), and Angela Davis, communist and former Black Panther, and who saw no need to advise them in advance of Canadian law governing hate speech.

Regardless of your opinion of Ms. Coulter or her political beliefs and philosophy, as Americans we should be afraid, very afraid. As this nation slides further and further into socialism, turning from the principles that founded the greatest nation on earth toward a mimicry of the European and Canadian socialist societies, how long can it be before we begin to experience similar treatment in our own back yard? In the name of Anti-Hate thousands surrounded the auditorium where Ms. Coulter’s speech was to be held, screaming, blocking entrances, throwing furniture and demanding the burning of her books. Similarly, in our own country, any disagreement with this administration is met with cries of hate, racism, greed, obstructionism, etc.

America is not a socialist society. America is not a liberal nation. The United States is a nation of the people, established by the people, for the people. The will of the people carries no weight with this administration and any claim otherwise cannot be honestly supported. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Have we reached the point to which Mr. Jefferson alluded? I pray not. How long before the majority awaken and realize a minority has led this nation to the brink?