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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Wrong With Obama?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on just exactly what's wrong with President Obama.  Millions of words have been written, pro and con, regarding thie President but lately the scales have swung to con.  Every journalist with a pen and the back of an envelop will tell you why Obama has lost his golden boy image with the American people.  Some reasons make sense, some don't.  So, why is Obama losing ground with the general population as nearly every poll suggests?  I've tried to put together a listing of reasons gleened during the past year's conversations.  In politics, as President Obama should know, perception is everything:

Lack of experience has rendered him incapable of dealing with crisis, namely the Middle East.

He was totally unprepared to assume the Presidency based on his brief Senatorial service.

His apologizing, appeasing and meeting with prominent world Socialists, Marxists and Dictators is unnerving and offputting.

His supporters and administrative appointees come from the most radical elements of the nation.

Whether Obama is or isn't a Muslim, his heritage and close association with the Muslim culture is disconcerting to many.

His 'friends', from radical supporters to religious mentors, lead many to question his belief in the founding principles of this nation.

Overall he's too liberal for the average American.

He displaying of definite socialist tendencies whether he's a Socialist or not.

An increasing number of Americans no longer believe his rhetoric or promises.

Many doubt Obama's ability to even grasp the real meaning of terrorism or the threat it imposes on this nation.

What's your reason?