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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The First Year of the Obama Regime

Analysis of our President’s first year in office based on the facts:

The American people elected a president with 142 days of senatorial experience, from one of the most corrupt states in the Union politically speaking, Illinois, who also established himself in one of the most corrupt cities in that state, Chicago. The political culture of Chicago is such that when someone mentions ‘Chicago Politics’ you instantly know they’re talking corruption. Illinois is also noted, by the way, for the number of governors ousted or imprisoned. A year later these same Americans wonder why their young President seems to be floundering and making one misstep after another.

This President’s first official act was to insure that terrorist’s civil rights were not violated in any way. Additionally, he ordered the facility in which they were housed, commonly referred to as Gitmo closed with no plan as to where these proven terrorists would be housed. One solution this President offered was to ship a number of terrorists to Yemen in order to appease his supporters only to have his solution backfire when to his surprise these terrorists rejoined the fray and have been responsible for additional American deaths.

Our young, inexperienced President urged the United States Congress to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General only to discover a year later his law firm represented no less than seventeen of the afore mentioned terrorists in legal proceeding. The United States Attorney General’s law firm defended those that engaged in acts of terrorism against this country. We are expected to believe this was an honest mistake as in ‘who knew?’

President Obama rushed to appoint a man with absolutely no intelligence experience, Leon Panetta, as head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Surprising no one save the Obama administration, is was soon discovered Panetta’s daughter, Linda, is an avowed anti-American radical activist who has vocally supported every anti-American group in the western hemisphere making no bones of the fact she despises the American capitalistic system and calls for the overthrow of this republic. Once again, we are to believe this was an unknown at the time of Panetta’s appointment.

Our President managed to appoint the second most corrupt woman in the country, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State. (Remember the $100,000 profit on a $1,000 investment in cattle among other things?) Clinton is the second most corrupt woman in politics only because Nancy Pelosi is still on the scene. Can anyone argue the purchase of Ms. Clinton’s silence with the appointment as means of keeping her away from the political theater? How many times have we heard from this Secretary of State as opposed to, say, Condoleezza Rice? Secretary Clinton is almost non-existent.

This President appointed a man as Secretary of the Treasury who hadn’t properly paid his taxes in twelve years. In his testimony before Congress he offered two explanations for his failure; he ‘misspoke’ on the multipage questionnaire all prospective appointees are required to complete and secondly, he had problems with the tax preparation software he was using. He was using TurboTax. TurboTax. We currently have as our Secretary of the Treasury a man who’s in charge of the Internal Revenue Service and who can’t manage to complete his own tax returns properly.

This President nominated a distinguished individual, Obama’s words’ to the office of Secretary of Commerce who was forced to withdraw due to charges of extended and ongoing corruption. At some point these ‘missteps’ become an indication of a much larger problem. Are these actually honest mistakes or is our young President one of the worst judges of character to ever hold public office? Was the President aware of the flawed background of his appointees and didn’t care?

Plowing forward Obama then proceeded to nominate another upstanding individual and friend, again Obama’s words’ for the position of Chief Performance Officer who very soon was forced to withdraw their name as well due to pending criminal charges. Again, we are expected to believe our President was unaware of the background associated with his nominees.

Obama’s nominee to the position of Secretary of Labor was forced to withdraw their name due to serious charges of unethical conduct. At this point most Americans that were paying the slightest attention were aware of a definite pattern.

Continuing in the same vein, the President then nominated Tom Daschle for the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services. In Obama’s words, Daschle was the only man for the job. Was anyone surprised when Daschle was forced to remove his name as a nominee when it was discovered he was a tax cheat as well?

Having claimed on the campaign trail no less than 128 times there would be no lobbyist in his administration, to date Obama has appointed 21 lobbyists to positions in his administration. Obama is to be excused on this count for in the words of Speaker Pelosi, “During a campaign, people say a lot of things”. The only logical interpretation of her statement would be, if you lie during the campaign it’s not a lie.

This President did manage to ram through an 800 billion plus dollar ‘stimulus’ bill which was to be the salvation of the American worker and homeowner. The bill was so important no one in Congress read it before the vote. Without this stimulus package unemployment was very likely to rise above 8%. Unemployment now stands at 10%, 17% if you include those who’ve given up. Thousands of homeowners are foreclosed on daily. Obama’s stimulus has done so well when the weekly employment numbers are released and only 36,000 Americans lost their jobs, Harry Reid can proclaim ‘that’s a good thing’, and the media agrees. To be fair working Americans did receive a $13 a week bump in their paycheck.

This President flew Air Force One to Denver, Colorado in order to stage a televised signing of his historic stimulus bill. In the process 10,000 gallons of aviation fuel we burned at a cost equivalent to 24 American jobs for one year.

President Obama and his wife appeared before the International Olympic Committee in an attempt to persuade the Committee to select Chicago as the next host city. After speaking roughly an hour each, with approximately 80% of the speeches being about themselves, Chicago was the first city eliminated from consideration.

The President then flew to Copenhagen in order to settle the global warming issue once and for all only to arrive during the worst snowstorm in recent memory and only to accomplish nothing. The conference was a failure, the President’s visit was an embarrassment but the Danes did enjoy playing in the snow based on most media reports.

The President went to the state of New Jersey to throw his support behind the prominent Democratic candidate for governor. Obama failed and the Democratic candidate lost soundly.

The President went to the state of Virginia to throw his support behind the prominent Democratic candidate for governor. Obama failed and the Democratic candidate lost soundly.

The President went to the state of Massachusetts to throw his support behind the prominent Democratic candidate for senator. Obama failed and the Democratic candidate lost soundly.

This President who vociferously proclaimed the Christian faith of his family has not darkened the doors of any church yet. I’m well aware that Washington D. C. is a different world but I’m quite sure they have at least one church if for no other reason than to appear to be a normal American city.

President Obama is the first in American history not to attend any form of religious observance during the Christmas season. Obama is also the first President to miss attending the Army-Navy football game. Obama is the first President to bow to any foreign leader. Let that one soak in if you will. Our elected leader, the President of the United States of American, the Commander in Chief of the entire United States Military bowed to a foreign leader and not just once.

The only grade I can give is an ‘F’ mainly because there’s nothing lower. Can anyone honestly proclaim this to be they change they wanted?